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Cocoa Dulce, an artisan chocolate and pastry company in Wichita, KS needed to add production capacity to keep up with increased demand. Their challenge was to maximize production capacity, with limited operations expansion, and maintain the same high product quality.

Cocoa Dolce turned to Everidge’s culinary team to collaborate for long term storage solutions that would maintain product quality. Cocoa Dulce leveraged a combination of vacuum sealing and blast chilling to preserve product quality. Vacuum sealing removes oxygen, which deteriorates product over time. Blast chilling preserves product integrity and prepares product for long-term storage.

Cocoa Dulce confirmed product quality standards, by testing portioned product from a holding freezer at weekly increments over a 12-week period. The tests revealed Cocoa Dolce could store vacuum sealed & blast chilled product up to three months without jeopardizing product integrity and quality. This resulted in ~doubling production with existing operation capacity through bulk production and optimized scheduling that enabled Cocoa Dulce to better prepare for peak demand periods.


Cocoa Dolce keeps sufficient product on hand to fulfill three storefronts and online orders. The production team can properly forecast for busy seasons without having to utilize overtime hours, saving time and money.

The vacuum sealer and blast chiller were a lifesaver during the last few months! Without them we would have lost so much product and not made it through.” – Lisa Mickey, Chocolate Lead at Cocoa Dolce

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