Walk-In Cooler Doors and Walk- New and Replacement Doors for Temperature-Controlled
In Freezer Doors Environments


Doors by Everidge

Everidge-infitting hinged swing cooler/freezer doors are perfect when space allows door(s) to swing into an adjacent area. Infitting hinged doors accommodate personnel passage and hand cart traffic. Doors feature single-leaf and double-leaf configurations with an assortment of hardware options. Hinged swinging cooler/freezer doors are adaptable to interior and exterior requirements.

Wood-free design
26-gauge white stucco embossed clad panel interior and exterior
Bulb gasket on three sides of opening
Reinforced sweep at door bottom
Three self-lubricating, cam lift hinges
Single-point padlockable latch
Interior emergency push release

———————————————————— Door Features and Benefits ————————————————————

Standard Features

Steel and HDPE frame

Sliding doors are clad with 26-gauge white stucco embossed steel interior and exterior over an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum internal frame, with reinforced mitered corners. Sliding doors are insulated with a minimum of 4” of R32, non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane foam insulation.

Sliding doors also feature a wood-free design with the use of white HDPE (high-density polyethylene extrusion) for the header, casings, jambs, and mirror image backframes. Wood creates adverse conditions including warping, swelling, rotting, and harboring of bacteria, molds, and fungus. The use of wood in cold storage doors can lead to problems maintaining a good perimeter seal and passing critical health inspections. HDPE is a maintenance-free solution that provides exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, and warping. Consistent density and zero voids eliminate bacteria, molds, and fungus growth and create a strong durable frame. HDPE has no wood fillers and high color stability. The strength, durability, and overall appearance of HDPE mean no additional steel cladding of the frame is required.

Adjustable bulb seals and bottom door sweep

Adjustable reinforced neoprene bulb seals are mounted on all sliding door casings and header for a positive seal, correcting wall irregularities. The bottom of each door has a sweep sill of grease-resistant reinforced gasket.

Grooved-wheel track system

An aircraft-grade anodized aluminum track holder, with a “V” grooved wheel on the UHMW triangle down and in-door track system, creates a positive seal at the frame and floor of each sliding door. Combined with a carrier that incorporates a heavy-duty, non-derailing system, and an angle bracket, this track system provides users with a sturdy and reliable door operation. Floor-mounted stayrollers protect sliding doors from damage and limit operation.

Exterior/interior handles

All sliding doors are equipped with an exterior bow handle and interior recessed handle as a standard.

Heater cables (freezer models)

Sliding freezer doors feature full-perimeter heater cables in the door, ready for connection to a 120V/60Hz, single-phase AC line. The heat at the bottom of the door in conjunction with the four-sided bottom gasket creates a warm “chamber” under the door which eliminates the need for in-floor heaters.

Dual-speed operator, chain, and controller (power models)

Power sliding doors feature a dual-speed operator, requiring connection to 110V – 575V, 1 phase, 60 cycle (with one leg of 3-phase capped). Each power door operator uses a brushless technology motor which is totally enclosed for life. Chain adjustment assembly for a #40 roller chain is standard on all power door models.

Power doors additionally feature a controller with overload protection, providing smooth, quiet operation with programmable acceleration and deceleration, as well as programmable obstruction-sensing. The NEMA 4 control box operates sliding doors at an average speed of 30” per second per panel to open and 18” per second per panel to close. Two remote pullcord switches operate open/close controls.

Optional Features

  • White HDPE jambs
  • White HDPE mirror image backframes
  • Steel cladding of header, casings, jambs and mirror-image backframes to match panel
  • Alternate door finishes
  • 6” thick panels
  • 14” x 14”, and 14” x 24” vision panels both heated and non-heated
  • Locking devices for both manual and power applications
  • Kickplates (tailored in height and material)
  • Pedestrian passdoors
  • Additional heated seals for extreme temperatures
  • Inside freezer kits for power doors mounted in extreme temperatures
  • Meatrail port
  • Rainhood
  • Control options (remote control, motion control, loop detectors, TDC—time delay close, POM—partial open mode, and photocell)

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